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Wedgewood Kitchen


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Before and After

The Remodel


The kitchen is the heart of this Wedgewood home. And at the heart of the kitchen is a spacious island that welcomes family to home-cooked meals. This island is where mom and dad provide homework help, oversee craft projects, and touch base after a busy day. For casual dinner parties or holiday gatherings, guests converge in conversation around the island’s maple surface, sipping wine and savoring tempting aromas. This is exactly what Cary and Shaughna dreamed of when they made plans to update their cozy home. A kitchen that’s the center of family, work, and entertainment.

“We even picked out an extra-deep sink for the kitchen,” said Shaughna, “so we could hide the pots and pans when we’re cooking for friends.”

This 1950 bungalow was originally designed around a formidable fireplace. It created a wall that ran through two stories and blocked the narrow kitchen from the living room. When Cary and Shaughna first moved in, they knew a more open plan would better suit their lifestyle. The architect who drew up plans for a phased remodel told them Rich Tyas was the man who could bring their vision to life.

The first project Tangent Construction tackled was an upgrade of the 1970s family room that had been added on to the back of the house. After that was completed, Cary and Shaughna knew who to call when they were ready to do the kitchen. Rich studied their drawings and detailed a meticulous project plan and budget. Everyone agreed it would be best to vacate the house for three months while work was underway, so an accurate schedule was a must. In the end, the project was completed on the exact day promised.

Removing the fireplace left a hole through the ceiling and floor, and the entire room was taken down to the studs. As the new kitchen began to take shape, Rich sent written progress updates and met with Cary and Shaughna frequently to discuss next steps.

“We were fussing over every detail,” said the couple. “And Rich was right there with us. Quality is so important to him. He made sure even the littlest things were finished perfectly. And if something got done and it didn’t look right, he fixed it.”

Rich’s years of experience made him an active partner when it came to getting the aesthetics right. He was equally invested in making sure this Wedgewood home stayed true to its Mid-Century roots; from the fit of the crown molding to the width of the baseboard trim.

When it came time to finish the load-bearing wall that divides the kitchen and living room, Rich suggested a modification that put the final accent on the home’s open feel. What started as a functional barrier became a portal that invites light and conversation. And a featured display space for treasured art objects.

Perhaps it’s not surprising so many Seattle families keep calling Tangent Construction back when they catch the remodel bug. “Rich is the only contractor we want working on our home,” said Cary and Shaughna. “We already have the plans drawn up for our next project.”